General Information
What is it? The TWL Signature Standings is a web-based application that reads a team's competition status from the TWL website (ladders. leagues, tournaments) and places is it on an image, thus generating a signature.

The image generated is dynamic, in that each time it is accessed, the most recent team data is used.

This is currently in Beta so updates/changes are constantly being made and it is not completely bug free.
Types of sigs: TWL Classic, Blue, Green, Mini (new!) and signature styles for all games on TWL (all games coming soon)
Terms of Use: The only thing that I ask, when using this is that you leave the hyperlink intact in the generated BB/HTML code.
Credits: Designed, developed, and hosted by Nikola Kocic AKA masta chef.

Thanks to the folks at TWL, Chosen Ones, Fortius Gaming and anyone else for testing.

Customize - Step 1
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